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Dr. Wittmus has been in the Jefferson Park/Gladstone Park area for over 32 years, providing quality work to generations of patients. 

Dr. Wittmus received his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from Northwestern University in 1991. He also received a Bachelors degree in Zoology at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1987. Prior to opening his general practice in 1993, Dr. Wittmus served as the Oral Surgery resident at Meriter Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1995 Dr. Wittmus received a Fellowship with the Academy of Dentistry International. In 2007 he received the Gordon Christensen Fellowship. Dr. Wittmus is former and current chairman and member of the peer review committee for the Chicago Dental Society for 23 years. In 2023, he received a Fellowship in the class of 2023 in The International College of Dentists USA Section!


  • State of Illinois, General Dentistry 1991-Present
  • State of Wisconsin, General Dentistry 1991-1999
  • Misch International Implant Institute Fifteen Day Surgical Course Graduate, 2012-2013
  • Misch International Implant Institute Complications, Medical Emergency Training, 2013, 2019 
  • Instructor Facially Generated Treatment Planning Workshop,  2011- 2012
  • Gordon Christensen Fellowship, Scottsdale Center for Dentistry,  2008- 2012
  • Spear Education Mentor, Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, 2008- 2012
  • Sirona/ Cerec Trainer, Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, 2005-2008
  • Endodontic Training with Cliff Ruddle- Hands on Workshop Graduate, 2007
  • Invisalign Certification, 2001- 2022
  • Invisalign Silver Provider, 2017-2022
  • Six Month Smiles Certification, 2010-2015
  • Ivoclar/ Vivadent Diode Laser Certification, Hands-on Soft Tissue Surgery, 2008
  • House Staff Dentist, Meriter Hospital Madison, Wisconsin, 1991-1993
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Northwestern University Dental School Chicago, IL,  1987-1991
  • Bachelor of Arts, Zoology, Miami University, Oxford, OH,  1983-1987


  • Grateful Dental LLC President and Founder
  • Private General Practice, 5315 N. Central Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • Organized and lead team of dentists mission trip Vayats-Dzor, Armenia (providing care to remote border villages near Artsakh) 2001-2018
  • Arcolian of the Year, 2020
  • Misch Surgical Fellowship, 2013
  • Gordon Christensen Fellowship, 2008
  • Fellowship Academy of Dentistry International, 1995- Present
  • Quintessence Top Researcher Award, 1991
  • Dentsply Student Clinician of the Year, 1990
  • National Student Clinician Table Clinic Competition, Honorable Mention, 1990
  • Peer Review Chairman Chicago Dental Society, 2013- Present
  • American Dental Association, 1991- Present
  • Chicago Dental Society, 1987- Present
  • Northwest Side Branch Member- 1993- Present
  • Illinois State Dental Society, 1987- Present
  • Progressive Club, Chicago Dental Society, 1994- Present
  • Arcolian Dental Arts Society, 1994- Present
  • Northwest Side Branch Peer Review Chairman, 2009- 2022
  • Presiding Room Chairman Scientific Program ADA Annual Session, 2000
  • Northwest Side Branch President, 2009
  • Northwest Side Branch Vice President, 2008
  • Northwest Side Branch Secretary, 2007
  • Norwest Side Branch Treasurer, 2006
  • Northwest Side Branch Correspondent, 2000- 2001
  • Northwest Side Branch Program Chairman, 1999- 2000
  • Dental Benefits Committee, 1998- 2006
  • Mediation Committee, Northwest Side Chicago Dental Society, 1998- 2008
  • President, Arcolian Dental Arts Society, 2008
  • President Elect, Arcolian Dental Arts Society, 2007
  • Vice President, Arcolian Dental Arts Society, 2006
  • Treasurer, Arcolian Dental Arts Society, 2005
  • Secretary, Arcolian Dental Arts Society, 2004
  • Program Chair, Arcolian Dental Arts Society, 2003
  • Dinner Chair, Arcolian Dental Arts Society, 2002
  • Course Division, Midwinter Meeting, Chicago, 2002- 2005, 2007
  • Table Clinic, Midwinter Meeting, Chicago, 1996- 2001, 2007-2009
  • Presiding Room Chairman LImited Attendance Clinic, Midwinter, 1995-2001, 2005-2009
  • New Dentist Committee Chairman, 2001
  • New Dentist Committee Vice Chairman, 2000
  • New Dentist Committee Secretary, 1999
  • Northwest Side Delegate to ISDS House of Delegates, 2000, 2006, 2007, 2009
  • Progressive Club Membership Chairman, 2000-2001
  • Student Clinicians American Dental Association- Alumni, 1990- 1999
  • American Student Dental Association, 1987- 1991
  • Four Part Series Facially Generated Treatment Planning 2009
  • Instructor, Dr. Frank Spear Mentorship, Spear Education, 2009- 2011
  • Northwestern Alumni Speakers Bureau Member, 1999- 2005
  • Leadership Conference, Illinois State Dental Society, 1997- 2000
  • ADA Student Clinician Table Clinic Competition, Boston MA, 1990
  • Buying a Practice: a Guide for the New Dentist,  Chicago Dental Society Review, April 1996, pp. 40-41
  • American Dentists Reach Out to Armenia,  Chicago Dental Society Review, April 2003, pp. 42-42
  • The Cellular Response to Different Viscosities of the Polydimethylsiloxane in the Rat Peritoneal Cavity, Northwestern Research Journal
Title Speaker Credit Hours
Mastery Level Esthetics Frank Spear 17
State of the Art Topics, Tricks and Techniques in Implant Overdentures and Implant Retained Partial Dentures Robert Vogel, DDS 4
“IT Best Practices” Bryan Currier 2
Root Form Surgery And Bone C.E. Misch 22
 Topics in Sleep Apnea in Dentistry David Turok, DDS  2
 Risk Management Essentials Ronald R. Zentz  3
 Restorative Protocols for Ultimate Implant Esthetics  Dr. Jeffrey Babushkin  6
 Invisalign Clinical Learn for the RDH    2
 All of 4 Hands-on Conversion Class  Michael Zak, DDS  3
 Digital Dentistry for Dental Implants  Dr. Brahm Miller  
 Socket Grafting for Implant Placement  Dr. John Russo  4
Full-Arch Implant Solutions: Overdentures or Fixed Monolithic Zirconia Drs. Craig Misch and Randolph Resnik 4
Single Tooth Implant Restorative Options: Cement-Retained vs. Screw Retained Dr. John Olsen 1/2
Bone Reconstruction for Dental Implants Dr. John Sisto 2
Proper Identification and Evaluation of the Mandibular Nerve Prior to Implant Placement Dr. Scott Watkins 1/2
Current Techniques for Socket Preservation, Implant Placement, and Root Coverage Dr. Levine, Dr. Towns 3
Preoperative Implant Planning for Optimal Esthetics and Function Dr. John Conness 1/2
Avoiding Sedation Related Complications in an Implant Practice Dr. Cyndi Nguyen 1/2
What is a Straight Forward Case? Check List of Ten Factors Dr. Ali Afshar 1/2
Oral Cancer…What to look for, and how to treat Michael R. Markiewicz 2
Keys to Social Media Marketing Success Grace Rizza 2
Keys to Successful Implant Overdenture Dr. Katherine Misch 1/2
Precision, Productivity and Profitability of Implant Prosthetics in Private Practice Dr. Robert Vogel 2.5
Navigating the Peer Review Process Anne Oldenburg and Linda Hay 3
Reciprocation in Endodontics Dr. Steve Weeks 2
Invisalign Fundamentals Dr. Ben Miraglia 4
New Tools to Treat Primary Teeth Dr. Charles Czerepak 2
Cerec Symposium Dr. David Juliani 6
Anatomy of a Direct and Cross Exam Courtney Boho Marincsin, JD 2
Surgical Phase Therapy I Carl E. Misch, Jon Suzuki 3
Immediate Placement and Temporization of Implants Dr. Russell Baer 2
Dental IT Chad Finn 2
Mediation and Peer Review Process Dionne Haney 3
Surgical Phase Therapy I Carl E. Misch, Jon Suzuki 3
Surgical Phase Therapy II Carl E. Misch, Jon Suzuki 8
Soft Tissue Surgery Carl E. Misch, Jon Suzuki 5
Implant Maintenance Carl E. Misch, Jon Suzuki 2
Incorporating Sleep Apnea Therapy into your Practice; From Getting Started to Medical Billing Microdental Laboratories 2
Treatment Planning for Edentulous Patients: esthetics in the Maxilla for Implant Prosthesis Carl E. Misch 6
Alternative Approach to Early Interceptice Orthodontic/Orthopedic Treatment M. Caroline Scholtz, DDS, MS 2
3D Diagnosis and Treatment for TMD, Restoratives and Orthodontics Dr. Robert Kaspers 2
Considerations: Mediation and Peer Review Dr. Petra Von Heimburg 3
Traveling the Dental Literature Road in the Online Age of Library and Archives on your computer Jeffrey Gartmen 2
Determining When to Extract a Tooth and Place an Implant or Retain a tooth through Root Canal Treatment Dr. Chares Goodacre 1
The Treatment of Peri-Implant Diseases: Advisability and Predictability Dr. Jon Suzuki 1
Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office Michael Higgins, DDS 2
Contemporary Implant and Periodontal Therapy–LIVE
Dr. Nolen Levine 1.5
Current Concepts and Techniques in Implant Overdentures and Implant Retainerd Partial Dentures for Private Practice
Dr. Robert Vogel 3
Recent Advances in the Detection and Prevention of Oral Cancer
Mark Lingen 2
Clinical Diagnosis
Carl E. Misch, Randolph Resnik 6
Surgical Phase Therapy
Carl E. Misch, Randolph Resnik 8
Sixth Month Smiles Seminar
Dr. Tony Feck 15
Current Trends in Endodontics
Dr. Martin Rogers 2
Soft Tissue Diode Laser Training Hands-On
Dr. John Graeber 2
Narrow Diameter Implants with Emphasis on Treatment of the Adolescent Patient
Patrick Fitzgerald, DDS 2
The Emergency Implant: Protocol from Extraction to Completion
Dr. Peter Troyan 2
Dental-Legal Issues
John M. Green, DDS 2
Bonegrafting in preparation for Implant Placement, controversies in biphosphonate treatment, and the elective removal of 3rd molars
Dr. Michael Zak, Dr. Russell Spinazze, Dr. Anthony Spina 3
Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure
Diane Sharp, RDH 2
Importance of Overall Mediation and Clinical Peer Review Dr. Greg Johnson and Ms. Helen Spetly 3
Caution & Control: Reducing Employment Liability
Guiding the Developing Dentition: Common Sense Orthodontics
Ralph Robbins
Dental Jurisprudence Dr. John Green Jr. 4
Recent Advancements in Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Ian Marion 2
Invisalign GP Summit Various Instructors 11
Ultratooth Training
Sargon Lazarof, DDS 8
An Introduction to TMJ Surgery
Brian Shah MD DDS 2
Endodontic Access Design: What’s New and Why Dr. Brett Gilbert 1
Literature-Based Socket Grafting Protocol
Randolph Resnik DMD MDS 1
Everyday TMJ Disorders & Sleep Apnea Therapy Concepts
Kevin Bargamian 3
Dental Implant Complications: Prosthetic
Dr. Demetri Sarantopoulos 2
Interim Therapy for Primary Teeth
Victoria Ursitti, DMD 2
8 Steps to Successful Bone Augmentation
Randolph Resnik DMD MDS 1
3d Printing and Digital Dentistry
Peter Tofovic, DMD 1
Complications and Management
Bob Gray CPA 2
Endo and Life: A Candid Conversation
Dr. Clifford Ruddle and Dr. Brett Gilbert  
Opioid and Diversion Awareness
Level 3: Provisionalizing and Restoring Implants with Cerec
Meena Barsoum, Mike Skramstad, and Mark Fleming 13
Endodontic options for resorption and the resorptive defect
Dr. Joseph Baldassano, DDS, MSD 2
Insurance Trends in Dentistry and the Impact of the COVID Virus
Mr. Steve Corbo and Mr. Mark Buczko 2
Locators and Beyond
Dr. Daniel Domagala 2
Tackling Big Problems in Little Teeth
Victoria Ursitti, DMD  
Ful Arch Implant Restorations: Digital versus Analog
Nolen Levine 1.5
Pathways for Predictable Esthetic Implant Restorative Treatment   3
Have You Ever Had A Posterior Open Bite During Invisalign Treatment?
Gordon Christensen 3
Retention, Relapse and Retreatment
Dr. Vincent Arpino 2
Utilization of 3D modeling to treatment plan the dentoalveolar complex
Eliza Drobny  
Techiniques & Materials for 2020: Most Important, Useful Concepts
Strategies to Protect Today’s Dental Professionals
Benjamin Dyches 2
Periodontal & Implant Surgery in 21st Century
Nolen Levine, Stephen Towns, Marmar Modaressi 3
Lasers for Periodontal & Peri-Implant Therapy
Donald Coluzzi 3
Maintaining Healthy Functioning Masticatory System with Orthodontics
Jeffery Okeson 3
Immediate Implant PLacement for Esthetics: Utilizing Provisionals & Custom Abutment
Michael Pruett DMD 3
Implant Placement & Bone Augmentation into Compromised Sites
Saving the Compromised Tooth
Dr. Chuck DiFranco, Jr. 2
Cerec Study Club- Cerec Connect Lecture
Dr. Rich Rosenblatt 3
Incorporating Sleep Apnea Therapy into your Practice
Dr. Mark Murphy 2
Current Challenges Facing Restorative Dentistry in Our Community
Dr. Lyndon Cooper, DDS. PhD  
Incorporating Sleep Apnea Therapy into your Practice
Dr. Mark Murphy 2
Update and Review of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
Elise Adley, DDS 2
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Ales Obrez, M.D. 2
Strategies for Successful Mediation and Peer Review
Michael Vold, DDS. JD 3
Digital Future of Removable Prosthodontics: Are We There Yet?
Krell-Reuben Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Ltd. 3
Mediation/Peer Review
Prof. Katheryn Dutenhaver 4
CEREC Education Event
Dr. Alex Touchstone 4
Constructing a 3D Virtual Patient for Predictable Surgical and Prosthetic Planning Rick Ferguson 1
Natural Tooth Replacement in the Esthetic Zone Utilizing Metal Free Implants: Benefits When Compared to Titanium
Paul Petrungaro 1
A Day with Gordon
Dr. Gordon J. Christensen 8.5