Ricky P.

Ricky P.

This Dental Office is the best ! I would never go anywhere else after coming here ! This Gentleman guarantees his work ! Very reasonably priced also !

Laura A.

Let me just start by saying, Iam the biggest chicken when it comes to Dr’s and Dentist’s!!! This Dentist is by far the best I’ve ever come across. When I say he knows his stuff, HE KNOWS HIS STUFF!!! He makes you feel comfortable,at ease, he explains EVERYTHING to where i can understand what he’s saying, and he’s very sweet, knowing how scared I was. I don’t have insurance so he’s very helpful with working things out with me. Not to mention he’s Eye Candy!! Lol….The Staff as well are all very nice and accommodating. I highly recommend him to EVERYONE!!!

Nicole D.

I used to go to many different dentist because I never found one that I really liked. But my boyfriend suggested I go to his family dentist (his family has been going there for over 7 years) and I couldn’t be more happy. The staff are all very pleasant and welcoming. Dr. Wittmus made me feel comfortable and was able to understand my concerns and answer all of my questions. He takes great care of every patient that comes in. Once he was working on someone and it went longer so I had to wait a few extra minutes and he gave me free samples of the new 3D whitening tooth paste, it might not seem like a lot but the fact that he went out of his way to make up for the wait made a huge difference. I highly recommend Grateful Dental you will love the staff and Dr. Wittmus. Out of every dentist I’ve ever been to this is the best and I will be going here for a long time.

Rachel D.

LOVE This place, awesome dental care!!!!


Based off other yelp reviews I decided to give Dr. Wittmus and his office the opportunity to earn my business and he did just that. I sent him an email at about midnight after I saw what appeared to be a small brown spot (cavity). They called at about 8 am and scheduled me the same day. Definitely did not expect such a quick turn around. Had a thorough cleaning, x-rays, and a few cavities that needed to be looked at, one being on my front tooth at the gum line. I was impressed, the color matched my teeth perfectly and you couldn’t tell any work had been done. Dr Wittmus has a very friendly and likable personality and he’s very positive. Prices are reasonable for a practitioner with a degree from Northwestern University. I have already recommended him to my friends and family and encourage you to make an appointment. Thank you to the other yelpers who recommended him, easily 5 stars.

Aoife C.

I just want to thank you tremendously for getting me in, for your patience, caring ways/kindness, great personality/sense of humor and knowledge that goes even beyond the 3D way of life. It was such a pleasure meeting you and your beautiful, patient staff- val and Julie (such angels)! It’s unfortunate I didn’t see/meet you earlier, but needless to say, I’m grateful (no pun intended) for having manifested you into my life at the present moment and will spread the love of your practice to others I know! Truly thank you- I have never experienced a dentist like you and I’m glad you created a benchmark as to what to look for in a dentist/in people overall. Thank you for your guidance! I thoroughly enjoyed the short 2 visits I had.

Natalia A.

Dr Wittmus is extremely knowledgeable about his profession. You can ask him any question and he can answer it with confidence and explain it simple terms so you can walk away with an understanding. They make sure to give you friendly reminders of your appointments and answer questions you need answered.. Overall, Dr Jeff is like an extended part of our family and treat us like one in return. You can tell he loves his job and it shows in his work. My family and I completely trust him with our dental care. I highly recommend him!

Jerry W.

First I must say very friendly when I called about an appointment. Next very accommodating since my time is limited. When I arrived there was very wait time. The Dentist was very helpful in discussing my immediate needs as well as future possible issues but not pushy to have the work done. I must admit very nervous about seeing a Dentist however felt very comfortable with my time there

Tom R.

I used to have a bit of a dental-phobia but I have been going to Dr. Wittmus for some time now and I really don’t fear going to the dentist anymore. I really have not experienced pain in any of the procedures I have done! What’s even more important is that Dr. Wittmus really takes the time to be thorough and explain what’s going on. The work he does is impeccable and he takes the time to make sure everything is perfect before you leave. Dr. Wittmus seems to embrace technological advancements which is evidenced by his use of the latest advancements in dental procedures. How cool to get a needed crown made while you wait! His staff is pleasant and really seem to care about your dental health. The best dental practice I have utilized by far!

David H.

Great staff that puts you at ease, reasonable pricing, Dr. Wittmus is very personable and knowledgeable. When I developed an abscess I texted him and he responded IMMEDIATELY with advice and an antibiotic prescription to tide me over. You can tell when someone cares about their patients and is passionate about their profession and that’s what you’ll find here.