Matt Bohlman

Matt Bohlman

I have been going to Grateful Dental since I was a kid. Even though I live in the suburbs now, I still make the commute to the city because he is the nicest, most professional dentist around.

Brian B.

I’ve traveled 100 miles round trip to see Dr Wittmus for 20 years. He knows his craft and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. He makes it his job to see that most of my visits are for check ups. I’ve had every imaginable type of work done, always with great results and manageable costs. One more thing. Does your dentist call you at home to check in on you? Dr Wittmus does it regularly. I’ll keep driving 2 hours to see someone who looks out for my teeth and my general health…every day of the week!

Ankur P.

Modern day medical care as somehow morphed into to an amalgamation of competing interests: the insurance company, the dentist’s office, your employer and yourself. This inefficient Chimera has the ability to not only make your life more complicated but also, and more importantly, hate going to the dentist. And you should never hate going to the dentist, especially if you have merely OK dental health. In walks the hero of our story, Grateful Dental, like a modern day Bellerophon, slaying this ugly Chimera so that your teeth and gums have a fighting chance. Extended hours so you don’t have to take a vacation day to go to the dentist, check. Accepting of almost all PPO plans, check. Nice and friendly people that will not make you feel super guilty about your flossing habits, check. Free parking, check. Excellent level of dental care, check. Recently, while traveling, I considered moving out of the country. However, my first thought was, I will still have to come back twice a year and go to Grateful Dental for my cleanings. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that strongly about a place, ever. Lest this review seem one-sided, I will say there is only one con about this place: the left turn on Central Ave. during rush hour is a bear. That’s not their fault, but a worthy mention if you appreciate a stable heart rate while driving here. Summary: Grateful Dental= A hero for your teeth, Your dental health = at its peak or they will work on it until it is there.

Arman H.

Doctor Wittmus is a man of integrity, great professional and an awesome guy! He has the right values, the skills and the bedside manner that will make any patient instantly comfortable with him. If you are looking for a new dentist, look no further – Grateful Dental forever!!

Colleen M.

Going to the dentist during a global pandemic was not my favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning. I was worried about exposure to Covid19. I have taken my precaution to this virus very serious and was extremely happy to see that Dr. Wittmus was as well. The new procedures in the office put me at ease right away and I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that. Thank you Dr. Wittmus and team for providing a safe office/procedures!

Matt B.

Just wanted to post feedback on today’s visit – GD staff are taking AWESOME precautions with COVID, by far leaps and bounds better than any other establishment and it made us feel very safe for our dental work today. Appreciate the UV cleaning of our phones – and love the mask!

Mar M

Dr. Wittmus and staff are the best! Great team if you suffer from dental anxiety, very patient and calming. Highly recommended!

Iriss B.

Dr. Wittmus has been my dentist since Day One of his current office location of 20 years. He is one of the most caring people I have ever encountered, and the most considerate and gentle dentist I’ve ever had! Dr. Wittmus returns calls, and accommodates emergencies. I highly recommend him and his equally gentle staff to anyone looking for a professional, up-to-the-minute trained and cheerful dentist!

Zarna P.

Absolutely phenomenal! LOVE the entire staff at Grateful Dental. Which, coming from someone who used to have to be dragged to the dentist, is no small feat. The staff is friendly, welcoming and kind. I even make my own appointments which I am told is something adults do. Knowing I used to fear (note the past tense) dentist’s visits, they always ensure I am aware of what is happening and what the next steps are. Dr. Wittmus is just as informative and straightforward. No one is trying to push anything on you at all. Everyone is efficient yet immeasurably kind. I never feel like Dr. Wittmus or the staff are rushing to get to the next appointment and yet, I am in and out with everything taken care of, all my questions answered and a warm, moist towel.

Andrea B.

Grateful Dental has been phenomenal. My husband and I are new to the area and needed to find a dentist. Through Yelp, we decided to give them a try! The five star ratings our true and I would rate higher if there were a higher rating. The staff is efficient, kind, caring, compassionate and competent! The office is welcoming and clean. Most importantly, it is excellent dental care with no pain. I can honestly say it is the first filling I have had done in years with no pain. They understand the most modern techniques including digital X-rays Sensors which was neat to be able to understand my specific teeth. Thank you Grateful Dental!