How Your Stress is Affecting Your Teeth

Did you know that your teeth know you’re stressed? Stress triggers a clenching or teeth grinding response called bruxism. Stressful events can trigger overuse of muscles of the jaw, causing you to clench your teeth, or to slide them back and forth over each other. Bruxism can occur during sleep or while you are awake. While many people do not realize they are clenching or grinding, this condition is not to be ignored! Since you may not be aware that you are grinding or clenching until complications develop, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of bruxism and to see a dentist regularly who can diagnose the issue. Bruxism symptoms include fractured or damaged teeth, jaw pain, headaches, abnormal tooth wear, gum recession, and TMJ disorder. 


While there is no cure to completely cease bruxism, taking steps to reduce stress can decrease severity of damage. We fabricate multiple types of bruxism and sleep airway appliances. Our most popular is the newer Vivera® retainers (from Invisalign®)  with an N.T. I. appliance built in them. Simply wearing a nightguard can help to relieve symptoms caused by bruxism and reduce muscle activity by 75%. Call us today for a complimentary digital scan.