Nupro Freedom Prophy System

Safety is our top priority! We want all of our grateful patients to know about our safety measures. We are proud to have the Nupro Freedom Prophy System, the safest method to polish teeth in our industry!


The CDC guidelines state that “dental handpieces and associated attachments should always be heat sterilized between patients.” The Nupro Freedom is designed to completely comply with the CDC standards for infection prevention. The inner module is protected from debris by disposable polyethylene barriers. The autoclavable outer sheath prevents contamination of the inner module, and the elimination of seams and entrapments areas where bacteria and contaminants can build up greatly reduces the production of aerosols compared to other coronal polishing systems.

In addition to the hygienic design, the Nupro Freedom is also lightweight and cordless, offering enhanced control and more convenience. It operates with SmartMode® Technology, allowing a quiet output of 25% more speed and power, delivering a consistent and splatter-free performance.